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Congratulations to Kesgrave Cruisers for winning the 'Club of the Year Award' such a huge achievement in such a short space of time.

This all inclusive running club meet at Kesgrave Community Centre, on a Tuesday evening from 7.00pm - 8.00pm. Every ability is catered for from first time beginners to dedicated competitors, it's a great opportunity for people to meet and run in a fun and safe environment.

Em Mortimer who started the running club said:

"I started the club as I was going to be training on my own and I thought I would open up my session to others to join in to help them improve. I got diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome early last year so wasn’t able to run myself and so in March I did my first coaching course and since then it really has given me the confidence to push the club and to help others. Last year the club would have a maximum of 30 runners completing a warm up session, which involves interval work and a cool down. I regularly have over 100 now on a Tuesday night at kesgrave community centre and last Tuesday there was 140.

I am on cloud nine still and I am so made up to have won this award. All I want is for adults and kids to enjoy their running and for it to be fun, friendly and safe. This is certainly the theme at kesgrave kruisers. Every week I have someone thanking me for a personal best, a good session, saying that they have made so many friends at kruisers and that they are loving their running again since coming along! It makes me feel emotional sometimes but every single one of my runners is fantastic and the support and attitudes of those who are Kesgrave Kruisers is like nothing I have experienced before anywhere else. I wouldn’t have been able to do all of this though without my amazing committee behind me! "

You can find out more about this award winning local running club via their Facebook or Twitter pages

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